Homes are what we do

Homes are a large part of peoples lives. Its a place where we live, laugh, relax, and spend much of our time. At Green-Tech Construction we understand that and understand the emotional attachment we all have to our houses.

We also understand the value of your dollar and take your money seriously. Once we know what you want we take our time to give you the most accurate bid possible, and after the job is started we strive to finish all jobs at or under that bid.

By being up to date on the latest techniques in building homes we can build our homes better than our competitors at the same cost in Utah. We leverage the latest building science to make sure all our projects are energy efficient, comfortable to live in, and cost effective.

We strive to make any project a positive one where your house becomes a better place to live. We want to help your new home, addition, remodel, repair, or custom job be exactly what you want it to be, at prices and quality that competes with and beats our competitors.

green home services Utah

New Homes

Building a new home is a great option for many people who want to personalize where they live. Custom homes let owners choose their layout, location, and materials used. We help owners build their dream home working with home plans from any designer.  We include standard energy efficient upgrades in all our homes at no extra cost


Additions to your home are a great way to get more space in your existing home allowing you to stay where you are. We strive to blend your addition into your home increasing your curb appeal while using quality materials inside and out so that your new addition feels great to live in. From more bedrooms for kids, a mother-in-law for Grandma or older married children, to a simple play room over the garage we take your goals to heart and help you add what you need to your home

green home services Utah
green home services Utah


Homes with any damage can quickly become a major stress point in your life. Homes with major damage often seem overwhelming.  We can fix any problem, big or small from failing trusses to broken walls. We do our best to help you understand the extent of the damage and try to give you the most accurate and best bid we can to help you understand exactly what your home repair is going to entail.

Basement Finishing

Finishing your basement is one of the most cost effective ways to get more living space for your family. We can help you work with an interior designer to pick out a look and finish that feels right for your home and you. While finishing your basement ask us about custom projects we can do to help you personalize your living space.

basement finishing services Utah
green home services Utah


We help our customers take their existing space and improve it.  We can help with new layouts, updated kitchens and bathrooms or whatever else you need.  We apply the same quality standards to our remodels that we do to all our jobs.


There are many things that people want to make their home better, an we love helping people make it happen. There are many things you can do to your house. Things like a new deck built onto the back of the house or update a room to act as a theatre room, transforming an under the stairs space in a custom kids castle, or whatever else your building dreams can think of.

green home services Utah