Customer Ideals

Personal attention

Keeping our business small lets us focus on you.

Open to all ideas

We like exploring any idea you can dream of.
No boxes, no restrictions, no constraints.

Open communication

Customers are part of our team.
We keep them in the loop.

Budgets matter

We respect your money and the limits you set.

On the Job Ideals

Schedule Minded

On time projects let you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Keep it clean

Safer, more organized, less mess.
Better results all around.

Established Relationships

Trusted construction partners that share our ideals.

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About Kurt

I love building
“I love building.” That is why I do what I do. I have always liked working with wood and building things. I was one of those kids that preferred wood shop to my other classes. Three days after graduating high school I took a job out of state with a friend doing construction work for his uncle. I really enjoyed that summer working with my hands and seeing homes come together.

Home with healthy lawn
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I like helping people
I like sharing my time and my experience helping people have happy places to live. Many people want to know what is going into a construction
project and how it all comes together. My passion for building leads to easy conversations where I can consult on what needs to happen on a project,
how much it costs, how long it will take, or even the how to.

Your dreams are my passion
Home are often one of the most visited places in a persons life, and I love to see the excitement that people get when they see their home built
or improved on. I get immense satisfaction building homes. I love hearing my clients wants and dreams for their home, taking the pieces
necessary, and putting them together to make their wishlists become reality.

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graduation cap

Construction Management Degree

It takes more to build a house than just the science of putting the parts together. Today’s homes often need more than two dozen individual professionals specializing in their crafts. A degree in construction management provides the skills and education to make sure that the management of every project goes smoothly.

green home builder

NAHB Certified Green Professional

“The Certified Green Professional(tm) designation recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into homes — without driving up the cost of construction.” – National Association of Home Builders