Newly-built custom home

Homeowners have various factors to consider when they are thinking about building a custom home that’s environmentally friendly. A few of the things that should appear on their checklist are design, construction materials and appliances. If you need help with constructing an eco-friendly residential property, turn to Green Tech Construction. As a custom home builder in Utah, we use state-of-the-art green building techniques and science to build the house that satisfies your specifications.

Our clients love the custom homes we make for them. We have lowered their energy expense significantly. Our efficient houses also have quality air filters and mechanical ventilation units that allow fresh air to enter the home. Our custom-built houses provide better air quality that’s beneficial to people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Custom Home Gallery

Green-Tech Construction is proud of every eco-friendly custom home we have built for our clients over the years. We know these homes will stand the test of time, thanks to their excellent design and quality craftsmanship. We invite you to browse our portfolio of Utah eco-friendly custom homes.

Eco-Friendly Custom Home Construction Process

We understand that building a house is complicated. As your trusted custom home builder in Utah, we take care of the logistics. This way, you can spend more time choosing the future materials that will go into your home.

When we work on building the home of your dreams, we follow a process:

  • Interview — We want to meet you and your family. During this step, we find out what your goals and dreams are for your future house and how you plan to live in it.
  • House and Lot Plan Proposal — We set up a second meeting to discuss your future lot and the things you need for your house. Our team takes note of your home preferences and the house size you want for you and your family to live comfortably.
  • Cost Estimate and Budget Review — We take all the information we’ve gathered and put it in a simple and understandable numbers format. Once approved, we formalize the documents and prepare to start with the building phase.
  • Construction and Permitting — Once the city approves all the plans and documents, our team gets to work on building your house. We make sure that we take into consideration the overall performance of your home structure when choosing components and materials. The windows we use, for instance, are Low-E windows with argon gas between the panes to give your house top efficiency.
  • Home Completion and Move-in — Your house is ready for you and your family.

Areas We Serve

From our home office in Provo, Utah, we assist custom home clients throughout northern Utah. We are committed to helping our clients realize their dreams of reducing their energy consumption and cost without sacrificing comfort, quality construction or exceptional design elements.

We can assist you with your green custom home design and construction throughout the Salt Lake City area and along the Wasatch Front. We have completed projects for clients in local areas that include:

No matter where you may be located in Utah, call on Green-Tech Construction when you need an experienced eco-friendly green home builder.


We are proud to have established a substantial base of loyal clients. Our satisfied clients refer friends, family members and associates who are looking for the best custom home builder in Utah. We are dedicated to unconditional customer satisfaction, uncompromising quality and fair, transparent pricing.

See what some of our valued clients have to say about Green-Tech Construction’s eco-friendly custom home building services.

Design Your Home Your Way

When it comes to home design, we give you the freedom to choose from our suggestions. You may also furnish your own design, and our team will do what’s necessary to make it eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

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