Why build a GreenTech House?

There are a lot of exciting things about building a house: choosing a floor plan, deciding the exterior look of your house, designing the interior, and more. Amid all the choices that go into a house there is one thing many builders gloss over: the build quality and mechanics of the house. Heating and cooling utility bills are part of owning a home, but those that go with an experienced high performance home builder often pay a lot less. At GreenTech Construction we work with our clients to to get them the beautiful additions, like granite counter tops, with the comfort and savings of a well tuned home.

Our clients enjoy many benefits in their new homes. All of our clients find they have significantly lower utility bills compared to other new homes and extreme savings compared to older homes. A positive side effect of the process we use for energy efficiency leaves our homes with a more consistent temperature and humidity throughout the house for increased comfort. Our efficient homes also ensure fresh air through mechanical ventilation units using quality air filters. This gives our homes an improved air quality that helps everyone, especially those with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems.

How we build GreenTech homes

Electronics and cars are not the only sciences making progress. Scientists have studied and learned a lot about building better homes in the last couple of decades. Many builders are aware of some small improvements they can do improve the efficiency of the home, but have not learned and practiced how to build the whole package. We blend all the important parts of a high performance home into a sturdy long lasting structure that will last the test of time and work together to give you a level of comfort and efficiency that most Americans don’t even know is possible.

Typical New Home

  • 2 Miles of cracks to leak air
  • Low R value insulation in walls and attic
  • Low E windows
  • Poor efficiency furnace, Air conditioner, and Water Heater
  • Runs ducts through unconditioned space
  • 2×4 wall construction
  • Un-insulated foundation concrete radiates cold
  • Relies on cracks and leaks for ventilation
  • Same air quality as the outside air
  • Uses leaky air ducts
  • Picked from a list of plans
  • Follows a pre-set package and is expensive to make changes
  • Licensed professionals

GreenTech house

  • Properly sealed with minimum leaks
  • Well above EnergyStar standards for insulation
  • Low E windows
  • Top of the line heating and cooling equipment
  • Keeps all ducts in conditioned space for improved efficiency (when possible)
  • 2×6 wall construction
  • Insulated concrete preserves inner temperature
  • Uses top of the line Energy Recover Ventilator (ERV) to bring in fresh air without losing your heat/cold (When needed or when client wants)
  • Brings in filtered air improving air quality
  • Pick any plan from any designer
  • Licensed and Nationally(NAHB) certified as a green builder

Is a GreenTech house for me?

This is a question that each of our clients needs to answer for themselves. We started this business because he saw how affordable green homes could be and wanted to bring their benefits and long term savings to as many people as he could. There are many benefits to building a better home, and we’d love to help you build it. If you have any questions or would like an estimate please call us using the number at the top of the page.